Strategies for Navigating Bibliographic Databases for Demographic Research

I. Starting Places for Finding Electronic Resources

II. Look for Basic Features of Most Electronic Databases

  • Coverage (starting and ending date, language, geographical treatment)
  • Formats Covered (journals, books, conference papers, dissertations)
  • Journal titles indexed
  • Common features:
    • keyword searching, controlled vocabulary, advanced searching using Boolean logic,
    • limits by date, publication, field, etc.
    • truncation (symbol varies: #, *, ?)
    • display format, display order options
    • record selection
    • e-mailing, downloading, printing
  • UC-elinks button directs user either to full-text if available to UCLA or to call number if available only in print.

III. Interdisciplinary Databases

IV. Subject Databases

V. Area Databases

VII. Statistical Databases