Donald Treiman – Quantitative Data Analysis: Stata files and data sets


This page contains the Stata -do- files used to create the worked examples in the text, Quantitative Data Analysis, and also the resulting -log- files.  In addition, it contains the data upon which the -do- files operate.  The files for the worked examples in the text were created using Stata 10.  However, Stata has been updated three times since then and the current version is Stata 13.  Therefore, I have included updated -do- and -log- files for Stata 11-13. For the convenience of users, the Stata -do- and -log- files are provided in compressed form (that is, as single .zip files).  However, some users may wish to download selected files.  Thus, they are provided in disaggregated form as well.  The data files are provided as individual .zip files, except for one .zip file containing a number of small files.   Finally, for both the Stata files and the data files, there are several explanatory notes.  You probably will find it helpful to read the “read me first” notes for the Stata and data files before doing anything else.

Stata files

Data files