Mapping a Drive

A drive mapping is a letter assigned to a disk or drive. The most common drive mappings are A: for the floppy disk and C: for the primary hard disk. If you are on a network, a drive mapping can reference remote drives to which you can assign a letter of your choice. For example, you can use the letter Z: to refer drive C: or a network server or a specific shared folder to which you have access to.

Windows 7/Vista Directions:

-Begin by clicking on the Computer shortcut on your desktop or Start menu. You will see a button on the toolbar labeled ‘Map Network Drive‘ (also located under the Tools menu)
Map Network Drive
-Click on that button and the Map Network Drive window will appear. Pick a desired Drive letter. Then type in the folder/drive you want to connect to, this is usually a resource located on a remote server. Follow the example shown on the window when mapping:\\\myusername 

Map Network Drive

Make sure to check ‘Connect using different credentials‘ then click Finish. You’ll be prompted to enter in those different credentials for that resource. Once authenticated you will see this new drive letter appear under the Computer shortcut in the first step.