Statistical Consultation

CCPR provides one-on-one consultation for students and faculty on statistical topics, including basic procedures in Stata or SAS, theoretical statistical issues, data management, and more. In addition, advanced statistical questions in regard to modeling, specialized software, and programming tasks are welcomed. Please contact with any questions.

Programming Consultation

CCPR provides advice on various programming topics, including code organization, scripting languages, programming constructs, and naming conventions.

Project Consultation

CCPR offers advice on good practices to follow throughout a project. This guidance includes how to structure folders and files to help organize the project, how programming may ease data processing and analysis, and steps to help ensure others will be able to replicate the work.


CCPR provides workshops on Stata and programming fundamentals. These are normally given in the fall but additional classes are offered as the need arises. Documentation from previous workshops is available on the Computer Services Tutorial page.

Ready Data

ReadyData provides affiliates with access to commonly used population survey and census data in a format that is convenient for statistical analysis. All datasets are stored in ready-to-use labeled Stata files on the Lexis data server along with electronic documentation. In addition to providing assistance in using the data, we are open to suggestions for data to be added. Please contact with any questions or requests.

Statistical/Programming Projects

CCPR may be able to assist in your research project by actually doing statistical or programming work, perhaps data management and/or analysis, scripting, text parsing, database work, or assistance with website development. Depending on the job, reimbursement for hours committed to the project may be requested.