Several CCPR faculty members receive the UCLA Hellman Fellowship Awards

Congratulations to Professors Randall Akee, William Hanlon, Ka-Yuet Liu, Paavo Monkkonen and A. Janet Tomiyama!

2014 – 2015 UCLA Hellman Fellows

Randall Akee (Public Policy): How do Changes in Unearned Income Affect American Indian Infants and Children? The Case of  American Indian Casino Revenue Transfers

Patrick Allard (Institute for Society and Genetics/Environmental Health Sciences): A Model Organism Approach to the Study of Environmental Stresses on Fertility

Michael Cohen (English): Poetry and the History of Reading in the United States

William Hanlon (Economics): Directed Technical Change, Lock-in and Leapfrogging: Wood vs. Iron in the 19th Century Shipbuilding Industry

Carrie Hyde (English): Literary Originalism: The Extra-Legal Development of US Citizenship

Ka-Yuet Liu (Sociology): Diffusion of Non-Medical Exemptions to School Vaccine Requirements in California, 1992-2011

Paavo Monkkonen (Urban Planning): Household Position

Adam Moore (Geography): U.S. Military Logistics Outsourcing and the Everywhere of War

A. Janet Tomiyama (Psychology): HEalth Registry of Obesity (HERO)

Lindley Winslow (Physics and Astronomy): Novel Photodetectors for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Searches

Pamela Yeh (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology): Evolution of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria

The UCLA Hellman Fellows Program was established by the Hellman Family Foundation to support and encourage the research of promising Assistant Professors who show capacity for great distinction in their research. The fellowship will support research and creative activities that promote career advancement and enhance the individual’s progress toward tenure. Fellowships will be given without regard to the apparent timeliness or popularity of the field of study.