<a href="mailto:mekdes.gebremariam@medisin.uio.no">Mekdes Gebremariam</a>

Mekdes Gebremariam

Social inequality in health, childhood obesity, determinants of energy balance-related behaviors

<a href="mailto:zeyanliew@ucla.edu">Zeyan Liew</a>

Zeyan Liew

Environmental epidemiology, neurodevelopmental disorders

<a href="mailto:megan.mueller@ucla.edu">Megan Mueller</a>

Megan Mueller

Contemporary family and household dynamics, neighborhood dynamics and individual welfare, the inequality and social/economic mobility

<a href="mailto:niaroch@ucla.edu">Roch A. Nianogo</a>

Roch A. Nianogo

Epidemiology, public health, internal medicine

<a href="mailto:tomramos@g.ucla.edu">Antonio Pedro Ramos</a>

Antonio Pedro Ramos

Using demographic data and advanced statistical methods to investigate the effect of democratic institutions on health, particularly on early-life mortality among the poor in the developing regions of the world.

<a href="mailto:hesohn@ucla.edu">Heeju Sohn</a>

Heeju Sohn

Intersection of health policy, family demography, and inequality

<a href="mailto:andrea.verhulst@uclouvain.be">Andrea Verhulst</a>

Andrea Verhulst

Delayed effects of early childhood conditions on adult health and mortality in Latin American countries, child mortality estimation in countries without comprehensive vital registration system

<a href="mailto:yongfuyu@ucla.edu">Yongfu Yu</a>

Yongfu Yu

Reproductive epidemiology, pregnancy (maternal ill health/medication/socioeconomic status), cardiovascular disease, stress, mortality


  • Emma Bjorkenstam (Karolinska Institutet)
  • Mekdes Gebremariam (Department of Public Health)
  • Zeyan Liew (Department of Epidemiology)
  • Antonio Pedro Ramos (Department of Biostatistics)
  • Heeju Sohn (Department of Health Policy and Management)
  • Andrea Verhulst (California Center for Population Research)




  • Emma Björkenstam (Karolinska Institutet)
  • Mieke Eeckhaut (California Center for Population Research)
  • Angie Otiniano Verissimo (UCLA Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences)


  • Georgiana Bostean (Cancer Prevention and Control)- Demography, Migration, Aging, and Alternative Medicine
  • Renne Luthra (California Center for Population Research)- International migration, Immigrant integration, Social stratification
  • Jordan Rickles (California Center for Population Research; Graduate School of Education & Information Studies)- Education Attainment for Disadvantaged Children
  • Annie Ro (UCLA Community Health Sciences)- Immigrant Assimilation, Socioeconomic Status, and Health


  • Renee Luthra (California Center for Population Research)- International migration, Immigrant integration, Social stratification
  • Annie Ro (UCLA Community Health Sciences)- Immigrant Assimilation, Socioeconomic Status, and Health


  • Sothy Eng  (California Center for Population Research)- Trauma (social and cultural factors), Marriage and Divorce, Academic Achievement
  • Thomas Kemeny (California Center for Population Research)- Urban Economic Development, Trade and Economic Geography, Economic Inequality