<a href="">Molly Fox</a>

Molly Fox

Maternal and grandmaternal transgenerational transmission of genes, phenotypes, life-history patterns, disease risk

<a href="">Brooke Scelza</a>

Brooke Scelza

Human behavioral ecologist, interested in understanding how the local socioecological environment affects behavior


<a href="">Ron Brookmeyer</a>

Ron Brookmeyer

Models for forecasting health with applications to Alzheimer’s, statistical methods, aging, infectious diseases

Community Health Sciences

<a href="">Carol Aneshensel</a>

Carol Aneshensel

In Memoriam Research Professor

Community mental health, adolescent health, mental health disparities, neighborhood effects on health later in life

<a href="">Hiram Beltran-Sanchez</a>

Hiram Beltran-Sanchez

Latin American health and aging, health of Latinos in the United States

<a href="">Chandra Ford </a>

Chandra Ford

Social determinants of health disparities, health of the elderly, sexual minorities’ Health, HIV/AIDS

<a href="">Gilbert Gee</a>

Gilbert Gee

Racism, racial and ethnic health disparities, environmental justice

<a href="">Jessica Gipson</a>

Jessica Gipson

International reproductive health, HIV/AIDS

<a href="">Randall Kuhn</a>

Randall Kuhn

Interrelationships between health, population and human development in communities and societies

<a>Tabashir Sadegh-Nobari</a>

Tabashir Sadegh-Nobari

Welfare of low-income populations, relationship between social determinants and health, impact of policies on obesity early in life

<a href="">Anne Pebley</a>

Anne Pebley

(and Sociology) Health demography, neighborhood and family influences on health and well-being, child health, reproductive health

<a href="">May Sudhinaraset</a>

May Sudhinaraset

Social determinants of migrant, adolescent, and women’s health both globally and in the US

<a href="">Paula Tavrow</a>

Paula Tavrow

Reproductive health in Sub-Saharan Africa

<a href="">Courtney S. Thomas</a>

Courtney S. Thomas

Theoretical and methodological approaches from multiple disciplines (i.e. sociology, psychology, public health, demography) to examine several interrelated issues among this population

<a href="">Dawn Upchurch</a>

Dawn Upchurch

Sexual behavior, menopause, complementary and alternative medicine, teenage fertility, contraception

<a href="">Ondine von Ehrenstein</a>

Ondine von Ehrenstein

Reproductive health in Sub-Saharan Africa

<a href="">Steven Wallace</a>

Steven Wallace

Global health, early life influences on health later in life, prenatal environment and child development

<a href="">May Wang</a>

May Wang

Socioeconomic disparities in nutrition and health


<a href="">Moshe Buchinsky</a>

Moshe Buchinsky

Labor, wage structure, inequality, mobility, health, econometrics

<a href="">Dora Costa</a>

Dora Costa

Aging, economic demography, health, labor economics

<a href="">Michela Giorcelli</a>

Michela Giorcelli

Economic history, labor economics, applied microeconomics

<a href="">Felipe Goncalves</a>

Felipe Goncalves

Economics of crime; Police behavior and criminal behavior

<a href="">Martin Hackmann</a>

Martin Hackmann

Health economics, industrial organization

<a href="">Jinyong Hahn</a>

Jinyong Hahn


<a href="">Edward Kung</a>

Edward Kung

Market structure of residential real estate

<a href="">Adriana Lleras-Muney</a>

Adriana Lleras-Muney

Health economics, longterm effects of early life on health

<a href="">Rosa Matzkin</a>

Rosa Matzkin


<a href="">Maurizio Mazzocco</a>

Maurizio Mazzocco

Economics of the family, consumption, preferences

<a href="">Kathleen McGarry</a>

Kathleen McGarry

Family and household, aging

<a href="">Rodrigo Pinto</a>

Rodrigo Pinto

Applied economics, early childhood education, causality

<a href="">Till von Wachter</a>

Till von Wachter

Labor economics, economics of aging, personnel economics, macroeconomics


<a href="">Rashmita Mistry</a>

Rashmita Mistry

Economic inequality, wealth, poverty


<a href="">Onyebuchi Arah</a>

Onyebuchi Arah

Epidemiologic methodology and statistics, causal analysis of non-experimental studies, global context of health and healthcare

<a href="">Susan Cochran</a>

Susan Cochran

Social stigma and discrimination in health care access, health behaviors, mental health

<a href="">Elizabeth Rose Mayeda</a>

Elizabeth Rose Mayeda

Aging, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, Stroke, Social determinants of health, Health equity, Lifecourse epidemiology, Epidemiologic methods

<a href="">Roch A. Nianogo</a>

Roch A. Nianogo

Social determinants of health, population health, health services research, health disparities, social epidemiology

<a href="">Akihiro Nishi</a>

Akihiro Nishi

Social networks, inequality, health

<a href="">Beate Ritz</a>

Beate Ritz

Economic inequality, wealth, poverty


<a href="">William Clark</a>

William Clark

Research Professor

Migration, spatial distribution of population, home ownership and housing

<a href="">Cindy Fan</a>

Cindy Fan

Population geography and migration, regional development, gender, China

<a href="">Thomas W. Gillespie</a>

Thomas W. Gillespie

Methods for remote sensing and geographic information systems, biodiversity

<a href="">Jamie Goodwin-White</a>

Jamie Goodwin-White

Immigrant geographies

<a href="">David Rigby</a>

David Rigby

(and Statistics) Economic geography, technology, geographies of invention and knowledge flow, spatial statistics

<a href="">Michael Shin</a>

Michael Shin

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), diffusion of political behavior

Global Economics and Management

<a href="">Christian Dippel</a>

Christian Dippel

Political economy, international trade, development economics and economic history

<a href="">Jana Gallus</a>

Jana Gallus

Behavioral economics and strategy, with a focus on nonfinancial incentives and their effects on decision-making

<a href="">Paola Giuliano</a>

Paola Giuliano

Culture and political economics, role of family in transmitting values

<a href="">Nico Voigtländer</a>

Nico Voigtländer

Macroeconomics, longrun determinants of economic growth and development, economic history, income inequality

<a href="">Ricardo Perez-Truglia</a>

Ricardo Perez-Truglia

Economics and other social sciences, such as political science, psychology and sociology

<a href="">Romain Wacziarg</a>

Romain Wacziarg

Demographic and cultural correlates of economic growth, political economy, globalization

Health Policy and Management

<a href="">Arturo Vargas Bustamante</a>

Arturo Vargas Bustamante

Health and migration policy, Conditional Cash Transfers Program Evaluation, disparities in healthcare

<a href="">James A. Macinko</a>

James A. Macinko

(and CHS) Health reform, noncommunicable disease, health disparities

<a href="">Corrina Moucheraud</a>

Corrina Moucheraud

Intersection of health systems and program/policy implementation, health outcomes for women and infants

<a href="">Fred Zimmerman</a>

Fred Zimmerman

Influences of economic factors on population health, effectiveness of public health policies, economics of health equity, ethical aspects of public health

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

<a href="">Alan Barreca</a>

Alan Barreca

Effects of the environment on population health


<a href="">Jody Herman</a>

Jody Herman

Characteristics and experiences of the transgender population in the United States

<a href="">Ilan Meyer</a>

Ilan Meyer

Public health issues related to minority health, stress and mental disorders, cohort differences in health among LGBT people

<a href="">Ayako Miyashita</a>

Ayako Miyashita

Better understanding the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS through data about their lives and experiences

<a href="">Bianca D.M. Wilson</a>

Bianca D.M. Wilson

HIV prevention, health

Management and Organizations

<a href="">Barbara Lawrence</a>

Barbara Lawrence

Research Professor

Formal and informal organizational structures, impact of population aging on occupations

<a href="">Melanie Wasserman</a>

Melanie Wasserman

Mechanisms underlying gender differences in labor market and educational outcomes


<a href="">Arleen Brown</a>

Arleen Brown

Aging, diabetes, race and ethnic disparities in health and access to care

<a href="">Paul Chung</a>

Paul Chung

Adolescent health, health access, children and families, family leave policies

<a href="">David Eisenman</a>

David Eisenman

(and CHS) Populations and global health, climate change, disasters

<a href="">Kimberly Narain</a>

Kimberly Narain

Intersection of health and poverty with a focus on health insurance and health care for low-income single mothers

<a href="">Perry Peifeng Hu</a>

Perry Peifeng Hu

Aging, biomarkers and psychosocial factors associated with health in older adults

<a href="">Teresa Seeman</a>

Teresa Seeman

(and Epidemiology) Epidemiology of aging, biodemography

<a href="">Yusuke Tsugawa</a>

Yusuke Tsugawa

Health policy, health economics, physician behavior

<a href="">Laura Wherry</a>

Laura Wherry

Government policy effects on health and economic well-being

Lauren Wisk

Lauren Wisk

Understanding health and health services use among children, adolescents, and families, particularly those with chronic medical conditions.


Weiti Chen

Weiti Chen

How Asian American population, as a distinct sub-population, experience their health and illness during their aging process.

Political Science

<a href="">Graeme Blair</a>

Graeme Blair

Survey research, victimization of violence in war, civilian attitudes towards combatants, stigmatized attitudes and behaviors

<a href="">Erin Hartman</a>

Erin Hartman

(and Statistics) Theoretical approaches and estimation strategies for identifying and validating causal effects

<a href="">Chad Hazlett</a>

Chad Hazlett

(and Statistics) Causal inference, machine learning, mass violence and political attitudes

<a href="">Jeffrey B. Lewis</a>

Jeffrey B. Lewis

Political methodology, formal theory, and American elections and legislative institutions

<a href="">Margaret Peters</a>

Margaret Peters

Politics of migration


Susan Watkins

Susan Watkins

Large-scale demographic and social change, specifically fertility transitions in historical Europe and the U.S. and in contemporary Africa, the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the role of social networks in these changes


<a href="">Julienne Bower </a>

Julienne Bower

Interactions among psychological, neuroendocrine, and immune processes, effects on physical and mental health, stress, inflammation, behavioral symptoms in cancer patients, coping and resilience in the chronically ill

<a href="">Christine Dunkel-Schetter</a>

Christine Dunkel-Schetter

Stress and coping processes, social support, stress in pregnancy and birth outcomes

<a href="">Andrew Fuligni</a>

Andrew Fuligni

Family relationships, interaction of sociocultural experience and biobehavioral development in adolescence and young adulthood, race-ethnic and immigrant group differences in families

<a href="">Benjamin Karney</a>

Benjamin Karney

Cognitive and behavioral processes of relationship maintenance, context effects on social relationships

<a href="">Vickie Mays</a>

Vickie Mays

Minority health disparities

<a href="">Janet Tomiyama</a>

Janet Tomiyama

Eating, stress, obesity

Public Policy

<a href="">Randall Akee</a>

Randall Akee

Immigration and economic development, welfare of indigenous populations

<a href="">Natalie Bau</a>

Natalie Bau

Fertility and family structure.

<a href="">Darin Christensen</a>

Darin Christensen

Conflict, economic development, political economy

<a href="">Arleen Leibowitz</a>

Arleen Leibowitz

Research Professor

Aging, diabetes, race and ethnic disparities in health and access to care

<a href="">R. Jisung Park</a>

R. Jisung Park

(also Public Health) Environmental economics and labor economics

<a href="">Meredith Phillips</a>

Meredith Phillips

(also Sociology) Stratification, education, ethnicity

<a href="">Sarah Reber</a>

Sarah Reber

Labor economics, public economics, health and education policy

<a href="">Manisha Shah</a>

Manisha Shah

Applied microeconomics, health, development

<a href="">Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld</a>

Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld

Geolocated social media data to study how people behave

<a href="">Michael Stoll</a>

Michael Stoll

Urban poverty and inequality, crime and poverty

<a href="">Emily Weisburst</a>

Emily Weisburst

My research interests include understanding factors that impact police decision-making and public trust in police.

<a href="">Wes Yin</a>

Wes Yin

Health economics, health insurance markets, development economics, public finance

Social Welfare

<a href="">Todd Franke</a>

Todd Franke

Child welfare research and the intersection with education, juvenile justice and mental health at both individual and systems level

<a href="">Ian Holloway</a>

Ian Holloway

Health disparities among racial/ethnic minorities, sexual minority populations

<a href="">Mark Kaplan</a>

Mark Kaplan

Mental health

<a href="">Leyla Karimli</a>

Leyla Karimli

To understand to what extent do the various forms of economic empowerment policies and programs improve individuals’ self-efficacy and future orientation

<a href="">Cindy Sangalang</a>

Cindy Sangalang

Determinants of health and well-being within immigrant and refugee populations. .

<a href="">Carlos Santos</a>

Carlos Santos

How oppressions overlap to create unique conditions for individuals with implications for one’s development and well-being.

<a href="">Latoya Small</a>

Latoya Small

Mental and behavioral health of poverty-impacted women and children in the U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa

<a href="">Laura Wray-Lake</a>

Laura Wray-Lake

Civic engagement, health, psychological well-being


<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Victor Agadjanian</a>

Victor Agadjanian

Fertility, migration, marriage, ethnicity, and religion in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Eurasia

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Jennie Brand</a>

Jennie Brand

Stratification/mobility, education, labor markets, quantitative methods

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Rebecca Jean Emigh</a>

Rebecca Jean Emigh

Historical sociology, historical demography, culture, quantitative and qualitative methods

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Jacob Foster</a>

Jacob Foster

Science and technology, networks, computational social science, networks, complex system, theory

<a href="">Michael Gaddis</a>

Michael Gaddis

Inequality, race and ethnicity, sociology of education, education policy, higher education, mental health and stigma, correspondence audits, experimental methods, discrimination

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Ruben Hernandez-Leon</a>

Ruben Hernandez-Leon

International migration and immigration, Mexico, Latin America

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Patrick Heuveline</a>

Patrick Heuveline

Family well-being, demographic methods, mortality models

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Ka-Yuet Liu</a>

Ka-Yuet Liu

Mechanisms of information social diffusion, social networks, medical sociology, micro-macro links, autism, social disorders, GIS

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Robert Mare</a>

Robert Mare

Distinguished Research Professor

Stratification and mobility, education, multigenerational processes, marriage, statistics

<a href="ívar" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Cecilia Menjívar</a>

Cecilia Menjívar

The interaction of immigration and the law, families, and gender.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Vilma Ortiz</a>

Vilma Ortiz

Ethnicity, stratification

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Gabriel Rossman</a>

Gabriel Rossman

Culture, mass media, organizations and economic sociology

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Judith Seltzer</a>

Judith Seltzer

Family and household, child support, intergenerational relationships, survey methods

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Megan Sweeney</a>

Megan Sweeney

Marriage, family and household, stratification

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Donald Treiman</a>

Donald Treiman

Distinguished Research Professor

Stratification and mobility, migration, health demography, migration and health in China

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Roger Waldinger</a>

Roger Waldinger

International migration, immigrant welfare and political participation

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Edward Walker</a>

Edward Walker

Social movements

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Lynne Zucker</a>

Lynne Zucker

Organization theory, institutional structure, and process, knowledge generation and transfer, comparative international institutions, industrial productivity.


<a href="">Mark Handcock</a>

Mark Handcock

Social statistics, social networks, methodological development, labor market processes

Urban Planning

<a href="">Michael Lens</a>

Michael Lens

Low-income rental housing, economic and racial segregation, public policy

<a href="">Paavo Monkkonen</a>

Paavo Monkkonen

International housing policy, urban development

<a href="">Paul Ong</a>

Paul Ong

Research Professor

Labor markets and attainment of minorities and immigrants, welfare

<a href="">Gregory Pierce</a>

Gregory Pierce

Health-related basic service policy and access for disadvantaged or marginalized populations