The California Center for Population Research is comprised of over 200 affiliates, including more than 100 faculty. The center’s focus on training has attracted graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from a range of disciplines. Our professional staff effectively supports the wide array of research, training, and services provided by the center.


Population Working Papers


CCPR’s research spans a range of demographic and population issues in five broad areas of study. CCPR also is a leader in the collection of data for population research and in the creation of new data collection and analysis methods.

Grant Writing Workshop

Social Stratification and Mobility Syllabus Archive

CCPR 20th Celebration Research Symposium

Treiman Fellowship Application 2021

The Treiman Fellowship is awarded annually to support demographic research.  The award is $6,000.  An additional $500 will be awarded for travel to a professional meeting if the research results are reported in a paper or poster at an approved professional meeting.  The competition is open to substantive and methodological approaches of all types in the field of population studies. Students must be graduate affiliates of CCPR at the time of application.  Students at all career stages and all nationalities, regardless of citizenship, are encouraged to apply.

Applications for the award will be accepted any time between now and January 31, 2021, and will be reviewed by a committee.  We will announce the awardee no later than March 31.

Application procedures:

  1. Submit an abstract of no more than five pages describing the research project, timeline, and any plans for submitting the resulting paper for conference presentation.
  2. Include a full CV with the application.
  3. Include a UCLA transcript. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted.
  4. Each application should include a budget.  Funds can be designated for data collection, technical support, travel, other research-related costs, or to pay tuition or to cover living expenses.  There are no restrictions regarding other support (fellowships, RA positions, etc.) held at the same time.  However, among students with proposals of equal merit, those in greatest need will be preferred.
  5. Applications involving human subjects must include an IRB approval or a report about the status of the IRB application.  No funds will be dispersed for human subjects research without prior IRB approval.
  6. Applications must be endorsed by the graduate student’s CCPR Faculty Affiliate advisor. Endorsement letters must be submitted by January 31, 2021.
  7. Click to apply

2019-2020 Funded Small Grants

  • “The Causal Effects of Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure.” Adriana Lleras-Muney (Dept. of Economics)
  • “Do Arrests Deter or Promote Offending.” Emily Weisburst (Dept. of Public Policy)  and Felipe Goncalves (Dept. of Economics)

2020-2021 Course Release Program

“Old-age Support and Fertility” Natalie Bau (Dept. of Public Policy)

“Information and Career Path Choice: Understanding Gender Difference in Advice Sought and Received” Melanie Wasserman (Anderson School of Management)

Certificate in Population Research

We are excited to announce a new CCPR initiative. We will award a Certificate in Population Research to CCPR Student Affiliates who meet all of the requirements.




For the Media

2018-2019 Funded Small Grants

  • “Estimating Real World Causal Effects under Self-Selection.” Chad Hazlett (Dept. of Political Science and Statistics)
  • “Longevity and intergenerational correlations in longevity over multiple generations in the U.S.” Adriana Lleras-Muney, Joseph Price, and Sandra Black (Dept. of Economics)
  • “Adapting to Climate Change: Extreme Heat, Occupational Injury Risk, and Health Equity.” Jisung Park (Dept. of Public Policy and Public Health)
  • “Child-Care and Female Labor Market Participation: Evidence from Fiscal Federalism in Italy.” Michela Giorcelli, Bianchi, Nicola Martino, and Enrica Maria (Dept. of Economics)

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