Steven Ruggles, University of Minnesota


Decomposing Race Differentials in First Marriage Rates: United States, 1960-2019 I assess Wilson’s (1987) argument that the race differential in the frequency of marriage results from a shortage of marriageable men in the African-American community. Many previous investigators have approached this problem by measuring the local availability of eligible male marriage partners for Black women. […]

Christy Erving, Vanderbilt University


Intersectional Stressors and Black Women's Health in Established Adulthood Health disparities research confirms relatively poor physical health of Black women vis-à-vis other race-gender groups. Though some research has sought to identify the extent to which social factors explain disparities between Black women and other race-gender groups, the possibility of race-gender specific social mechanisms undergirding these […]

Martha Bailey, UCLA

How Subsidies Affect Contraceptive Use among Low-Income Women in the U.S.: A Randomized Control Trial This paper examines how subsidies affect the use of contraceptives among low-income women seeking reproductive health care in the U.S. Study participants were randomized to receive vouchers for contraception, covering up to 50% or 100% of the lowest-cost, available long-acting, […]

Ian Lundberg, UCLA

Prediction in Social Science: A Tool to Study Inequality in Populations Biography: Ian Lundberg is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Sociology and California Center for Population Research at UCLA. His research develops statistical and machine learning methods to answer new questions about inequality in America. Past work is published or forthcoming in PNAS, the American […]

Diana Green Foster, University of California, San Francisco


Consequences of receiving versus being denied a wanted abortion in the United States Diana Greene Foster will discuss the context and findings of The Turnaway Study. The Turnaway Study answers the question, Does abortion hurt women? and the converse, What are the harms when women are unable to get a wanted abortion? Dr. Foster will […]

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