Robert Mare is doing better

We have heard from Judy Seltzer that Rob Mare’s doctor does not anticipate the need for any additional white blood cells at least for now.  This is good news in terms of Rob’s recovery from the infection. The UCLA Blood and Platelet Center will continue to register and screen potential future donors this week in case Rob’s need changes. Also, please keep in mind that there is an ongoing need for whole blood and platelet donations, for Rob and other patients.

Both Rob and Judy (and both of us) send an enormous thank you to everyone who did donate white blood cells and to those who have been screened, plan to be screened, or tried to do so.  The white blood cells that were donated were very important to fighting Rob’s fungal infection.  Almost as important to Rob and Judy (and the medical staff caring for Rob) is the knowledge that there is a large community ready to help in every way possible in Rob’s recovery.

If Rob needs additional donors, those already screened will be contacted by the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center and we will let all of you know.

Thank you.

Anne Pebley and Megan Sweeney