Open Call from Commerce Data Service

Interested in showcasing your data visualization talents? Have a novel insight on the American experience? Passionate for the public good?  Then we are interested in working with you.

The US Department of Commerce is launching the Commerce Usability Project. It’s an effort towards making the knowledge required to use our data more open. We aim to provide enough insight, familiarity, and code to enable users to do amazing things with our free data. That’s why we’re putting out this open call to academia, industry and government to collaborate, demonstrate, and improve our data assets. We here at the Department of Commerce want to recognize expertise and contributions to our public data assets.

Interested in getting started? Here are some examples that we’ve developed:


  1. All data used and code developed must be open and free.
  2. Individuals/groups are encouraged to use commerce data combined with other publicly available data.
    1. Commerce Data can be found on DOC Data Portal.
    2. The Commerce Department Data Science team is also putting together a masterlist. They are adding more datasets to this base list with some ideas of what can be done with them.
  3. Each submission must have at least 2 visualizations.
  4. At least one of the visualizations should be interactive
  5. Code can be embedded in HTML
  6. Contributions may be made by individuals as well as teams

Guidance is available from the Department of Commerce Data Science Team:

Jeff Chen, Chief Data Scientist, US Department of Commerce

Star Ying, Data Scientist, US Department of Commerce