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Johns Hopkins University21st Century Cities Initiative (21CC)21CC Post-Doctoral Research Associates Program
The 21st Century Cities Initiative (21CC) is a new Signature Initiative of Johns Hopkins University to build and integrate dynamic, cross-disciplinary research to examine cities and to help shape their future possibilities. We are pleased to announce that as one of 21CC’s first efforts a Call for Applications for 2015 – 2016 21CC Post-Doctoral Research Associates Program. We are seeking talented postdoctoral researchers interested or already engaged in building a research portfolio along with JHU faculty focused on major research questions addressing the contemporary needs and opportunities of cities domestically and/or internationally.
It is anticipated that up to two one- or two-year post-doctoral research associates will be awarded with an anticipated start in August 2016. The fellows will be in residence at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.We are seeking talented postdoctoral researchers with a primary interest in conducting research and analysis related to issues of urban policy. To be eligible, applicants must be focused on an important issue area in urban policy, must demonstrate an interest in conducting inter-disciplinary research, and identify a Johns Hopkins Faculty member, who the applicant would be most interested in having serve as a mentor for the tenure as a post-doctoral research associate. All post-doctoral researchers will be expected to have two mentors in different disciplines, but at the application stage it is sufficient for the applicant to identify a primary mentor, presumably in their own discipline, and the other disciplinary perspective they would seek to incorporate in their research, and 21CC can help assist in identifying an appropriate 2nd mentor should the applicant be awarded a position.
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