EAPS Health, Morbidity and Mortality Workshop- Novosibirsk, July 2017

Following up on the invitation from Prof. Lamin at the Institute of History, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SBRAS), we wish to propose that the next EAPS Health, Morbidity, and Mortality workshop be held in Novosibirsk from Wednesday, the 19th to Friday, 21st July 2017. The theme of the workshop will be “Historical and contemporary trends in morbidity and mortality”. This is, as usual, a purposely broad theme, with a focus on changing patterns of health, morbidity and mortality (HMM), and in particular:
a. differences by level of education, income, occupation etc.
b. differences by ascriptive group membership (race / ethnicity; religion; nationality and migration status, etc.)
c. effects of globalisation, crisis, and warfare both within and between countries
d. patterns of inequality and their effect on HMM
e. effects of social policy on HMM differentials
f. measurement issues in inequality and differential HMM
Part of the workshop will include joint sessions with Siberian demographers, concerning local conditions and trends (with simultaneous translation).

Deadline for submission of abstracts is Friday, 16th December 2016. Confirmation of acceptance by 31st January, 2017. The proposed workshop is early this year, in view of the weather conditions in Novosibirsk, and the deadline for submissions is early, too, as the local organisers need ample time to arrange visas for participants. As usual, we shall be the guests of the hosting institution, the Institute of History, so there will be no participation fee, but participants will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation.

We appreciate that Novosibirsk is not exactly in the centre of Europe, so that transport costs may be higher than usual. On the other hand, this will be offset by lower accommodation costs (university accommodation < €20 a night, local hotel < €30 per person, international hotel < €60). If enough people are interested, we can also organise a tour, e.g. to Lake Baikal (2 hours flight to the east — check it out!!!). For this we need a group of 6 – 8 people. Tour could include a guided tour of Irkutsk, the Trans-Baikal Railway, a boat trip (whole day) to Olkhon Island, and a day on the island, including meeting with local residents. As soon as I have more details from the local tour operator (including costs) we will send them out. If you are interested, please let me know — first come first served!

Jon Anson (anson@bgu.ac.il)