Research positions at the Institute for Analytical Sociology

Research positions at the Institute for Analytical Sociology

The Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) will hire up to six postdocs or visiting researchers. Candidates should have strong computational and data-analytic skills, and a deep interest in cutting edge social-science research.

For at least two of the positions, we seek candidates who have expertise in computationally intensive methods such as data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, large-scale agent-based simulations, and information visualization.

Substantive foci are broad, including but not limited to cultural, organizational, and segregation dynamics. Irrespective of substantive foci, most of the research at IAS is concerned with networks and how individuals in interaction with one another over time bring about various macro-level outcomes (see

The length of the initial contract is two years. The starting salary for a postdoc is about 468000 SEK (approximately 51000 USD) per year, while for a visiting researcher it is commensurate with seniority and experience.

Although the starting date is flexible, our ambition is to hold interviews and make decisions before the end of January. Please share this message with potential candidates and ask them to contact me directly at