Job Posting: Postdoctoral Research Position, University of Oslo

There’s an opening for a completely open, come-with-your-own-research 4-year postdoctoral researcher position at the Dept of Sociology & Human Geography at the University of Oslo. This should be one of the best non-tenured early-career jobs in academia, with a low teaching load and a reasonably long perspective (4 years). The period can be extended (1:1) if you have parental leave spells or similar reasons.

To apply one must have submitted the dissertation, and to be considered for the position one must have the dissertation approved. One must also submit a project proposal. Read the advertisement carefully.  A competitive applicant probably has some publications out/forthcoming already.  

At the Department, we have several register data bases with interesting data for research projects, that in principle could be used by the post.doc., assuming permissions are granted by relevant data protection boards/institutions.