CCPR NICHD Traineeship Application Now Open

We are now accepting applications for 4 predoctoral traineeships funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) T32 Training Grant awarded to CCPR, pending the final notice of award. NICHD traineeships are intended to support training in demography and population sciences. Traineeship appointments are to individuals who are committed to a research career and who plan to remain in training for no less than two years, whether that support comes from a training grant or other sources. Trainees appointments are for 12 months, beginning October 2021.

T32 traineeships provide for full-time coursework and research training while enrolled at UCLA and working under the supervision of a CCPR-affiliated faculty mentor. Traineeships provide a stipend, tuition and fees, and a modest travel allowance to present research at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America.

The appointments are for one year at a time. CCPR-affiliated graduate students who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States, enrolled at UCLA, and working under the supervision of a CCPR-affiliated faculty mentor are eligible to apply. Students who have already held traineeships may apply for reappointment, but all else equal preference might be given to students who have not been previously funded. Preference is given to students who have been affiliates for at least one year at the time of the application. Applicants should have completed or be enrolled in at least one course in demography and population sciences at the time of the application. Regular attendance at the CCPR seminars, workshops, and other activities will be an important evaluation criterion.

The stipend level is determined by NIH. For FY 2021, the NIH stipend is about $25,836 over twelve months. In addition, the traineeship includes a supplemental stipend sponsored by Graduate Division. Trainees are eligible to apply for the GSRM award as well, but students who accept a GSRM award during the same academic year may not be eligible for the Graduate Division supplemental stipend to the traineeship. Trainee appointment begins in October, and continue to the end of the following September.

Potential applicants sometimes ask what topics NICHD favors in the study of populations. The purview of the Population Dynamics Branch (PDB), under which our T32 is funded, is described on their web page: Please contact Patrick Heuveline or Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez with any additional questions about the potential fit of your research agenda with the NICHD training grant aims.

To apply for a traineeship, please complete the application form

Application is due 5/14/2021. Please note that an email requesting CCPR-affiliated faculty endorsement for the application will be generated and sent to faculty once the application is submitted. The due date for faculty endorsement is the same due date of the application, so please apply early.

We will notify students selected for traineeships in June.

Core Demography courses include:

Soc 213A/CHS/Econ M208 Introduction to Demographic Methods

Soc 213B Techniques of Demographic and Ecological Analysis

Soc 213C Population Models and Dynamics.

Soc 226A Introduction to Theory and Major Empirical Research in Social Demography

Soc 226B Introduction to Theory and Major Empirical Research in Social Demography

Soc M236B International Migration

CHS 247 Population Change and Public Policy

CHS 431 Foundations of Reproductive Health

CHS M263 Social Demography of Los Angeles

Econ 262P Topics in Labor Economics: Population Economics

Econ 262A Topics in Labor Economics