<a href="">Kristine Joy Chua</a>

Kristine Joy Chua

Demography studies population dynamics, how exposure to environmental stressors influence maternal and fetal health, understanding demographic data to determine whether environmental changes can shift social behavior

Community Health Sciences (Public Health)

<a href="">Adrian Bacong</a>

Adrian Bacong

Health disparities among different Asian and Pacific Islander ethnic groups

<a href="">Marta Bornstein</a>

Marta Bornstein

Reproductive health, fertility and contraception preferences, reproductive health decision making in families and communities, global and domestic SRH, STD transmission patterns

<a href="">Danielle Dupuy</a>

Danielle Dupuy

Publicly funded systems and their effect on population health outcomes

<a href="">Helene Chokron Garneau</a>

Helene Chokron Garneau

Positive youth development, interaction between social structures, environmental factors, and social networks to influence behaviors of substance abuse, violence, and crime

<a href="">Angela Gutierrez</a>

Angela Gutierrez

Health promotion and disease prevention at the community and population level, improving access to culturally and linguistically relevant services among marginalized communities

<a href="">Frederick Harig</a>

Frederick Harig

Health disparities, life course, neighborhood health effects, multigenerational households, intergenerational stress proliferation

<a href="">Anna Hing</a>

Anna Hing

Racism, immigration, stratification, and how the intersection of these creates health disparities

<a href="">Alanna Hirz</a>

Alanna Hirz

Gender and health disparities, fertility decision-making in the context of chronic illness

<a href="">Rebekah Israel Cross</a>

Rebekah Israel Cross

How racial residential segregation creates barriers and facilitators of health and wellness

<a href="">Linghui Jiang</a>

Linghui Jiang

The effects of various public health and nutrition programs and policies on different populations, especially on young children from low-income families

<a href="">Shelley Jung</a>

Shelley Jung

Non-biological, behavioral risk factors of obesity within the social and physical environments of neighborhoods, social determinants of obesity, relationship between neighborhood-level poverty and obesity among Asian immigrants

<a href="">Michelle Kao Nakphong</a>

Michelle Kao Nakphong

Impacts of economic development and public policy on health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries

<a href="">Evan Krueger</a>

Evan Krueger

Understanding interactions between social environmental factors such as stigmas, social norms, and health behaviors

<a href="">Amanda Landrian</a>

Amanda Landrian

Social determinants of sexual and reproductive health among marginalized and underrepresented populations, including women, adolescents, LGBTQ+, and migrant and refugee, both globally and in the United States.

<a href="">Stephanie Ly</a>

Stephanie Ly

Understanding maternal and paternal risk factors related to birth defects

<a href="">Anna-Michelle McSorley</a>

Anna-Michelle McSorley

Projects that focus on the quantitative study of immigrant populations and the effects of structural inequities on population health outcomes.

<a href="">Bryan Phillips</a>

Bryan Phillips

How health systems can address the growing burden of non-communicable diseases

<a href="">Sarah Roth</a>

Sarah Roth

Social determinants of health, the economic and social processes, results in health inequities within the population

<a href="">Saanchi Vijay Shah</a>

Saanchi Vijay Shah

Domestic and global maternal and child health (MCH)

<a href="">Heidi Tuason</a>

Heidi Tuason

Mental health stigma reduction and service access in Asian & Pacific Islander communities, particularly Filipino, Samoan, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian communities

Economics (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Carolina Arteaga</a>

Carolina Arteaga

Education, applied microeconomics, labor economics

<a href="">Jacob Berman</a>

Jacob Berman

How zoning and other land use regulations influence the development of cities

<a href="">Ryan Boone</a>

Ryan Boone

Education, applied microeconomics

<a href="">Elior Cohen</a>

Elior Cohen

Applied microeconomics, labor economics, immigration economics, health economics

<a href="">Nick Carollo</a>

Nick Carollo

Labor Economics, Immigration, Economic History

<a href="">Mengshan Cui</a>

Mengshan Cui

Environmental economics, urban economics, health economics

<a href="mailto:">Alec Davidson</a>

Alec Davidson

Private prisons in respect to how it affects social capital

<a href="mailto:">Dong Ook Eun</a>

Dong Ook Eun

Human capital development, welfare analysis

<a href="mailto:">Yun Feng</a>

Yun Feng

Economic development, labor economics, urban economics, industrial organization

<a href="">Alexandre Fon</a>

Alexandre Fon

Applied microeconomics, household economics, labor economics

<a href="">Benjamin Freyd</a>

Benjamin Freyd

Intersection of labor market regulation, efficiency, and social mobility

<a href="mailto:">Xuanyu Fu</a>

Xuanyu Fu

Causes and evolution of inequality

<a href="mailto:">Jonathan Gu</a>

Jonathan Gu

Language processing, programming

<a href="">Tomas Guanziroli</a>

Tomas Guanziroli

Early childhood education, human capital accumulation, occupational choice under uncertainty, poverty and cash transfer programs and crime prevention

<a href="mailto:">Jingyi Huang</a>

Jingyi Huang

Economic history

<a href="mailto:">Wookun Kim </a>

Wookun Kim

Applied microeconomics, determinants and consequences of fertility changes

<a href="">Changsu Ko </a>

Changsu Ko

Labor economics, applied microeconomics, economics of education, empirical microeconomics

<a href="mailto:">Keyoung Lee</a>

Keyoung Lee

Urban, labor, and public economics

<a href="mailto:">Ryan Martin</a>

Ryan Martin

Health economics

<a href="mailto:">Brett McCully</a>

Brett McCully

Applied microeconomics, labor economics

<a href="mailto:">	 Flavien Moreau</a>

Flavien Moreau

Labor economics and Population

<a href="mailto:">Sebastian Ottinger</a>

Sebastian Ottinger

Immigration, Innovation, Urban Economics, Economic History

<a href="mailto:">Rustin Partow</a>

Rustin Partow

Modeling of household intertemporal choice, especially retirement, bequests, and migration, and tournament/dynamic contracting models of labor markets

<a href="mailto:">Vladimir Pecheu</a>

Vladimir Pecheu

Behavior of individuals with respect to their health and how this interacts with their work decisions over the life-cycle

<a href="mailto:">Maria Lucia Yanguas</a>

Maria Lucia Yanguas

Labor and development

<a href=""> Boxiao Zhang</a>

Boxiao Zhang

Long-term social mobility, modern education’s development and its impact on human capital accumulation and economic development

<a href=""> Fangzhu Zhou</a>

Fangzhu Zhou

Education, income inequality, gender gap

Education and Information Studies

<a href="mailto:"> Terry Allen</a>

Terry Allen

intersectionality, economic history, education inequality, youth incarceration

Epidemiology (Letters and Sciences)

Chenxiao Ling

Chenxiao Ling

Pesticide‘s role in Parkinson’s Disease

<a href="">Aolin Wang</a>

Aolin Wang

Applied statistical methods to aid causal inference in observational epidemiology studies

<a href="">Sam Wing</a>

Sam Wing

Intersection of urban design and public health

<a href="">Yu Yu</a>

Yu Yu

Environmental risk factors, development of diseases

Gender Studies

<a href="">Mary E. Robbins</a>

Mary E. Robbins

Gender, masculinities, work and employment, women’s economic empowerment, violence, inequality, labor, social policy

Geography (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Heather Agnew</a>

Heather Agnew

Spatialities of drug markets, changing nature of US drug policies

<a href="">Frank van der Wouden</a>

Frank van der Wouden

Economic geography

Global Economics and Management

<a href="">Andrea Di Miceli</a>

Andrea Di Miceli

Political economy, development economics, economic history

<a href="mailto:">Youngjin Song</a>

Youngjin Song

Political economy, urban and population economics

Health Policy and Management

<a href="">Lucía Félix-Beltrán</a>

Lucía Félix-Beltrán

Child and maternal health, food security, social determinants, poverty, health disparities, health behavior, decision analysis

<a href="">Kaitlyn McBride</a>

Kaitlyn McBride

Global health care delivery and health systems, with a particular focus in HIV/AIDS treatment and and care models for vulnerable populations

<a href="">Diane Tan</a>

Diane Tan

Improving access to health care and services for vulnerable populations

<a href="">Adriane Wynn</a>

Adriane Wynn

Social, behavioral, and biological determinants of adverse birth outcomes

Political Science

<a href="">Adam Boche</a>

Adam Boche

Electoral behavior in democracies, shifts in the distribution of age, race, and gender, shifts in the ideological views predominating in the electorate

<a href="">Aaron Rudkin</a>

Aaron Rudkin

The political behaviour of individuals and groups in developed democracies.

<a href="">Luke Sonnet</a>

Luke Sonnet

How individual preferences and social networks drive political accountability and economic development in developing countries

<a href="">Monica Widmann</a>

Monica Widmann

International and comparative political economy, international migration, immigrant integration, economic development, inequality, intergenerational debt, and political representation, which falls into demography broadly defined.

Psychology (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Jordan Coello</a>

Jordan Coello

Mood and anxiety disorders, suicidality, non-suicidal self-injury in ethnic minority and marginalized populations

<a href="">Lauren Hofschneider</a>

Lauren Hofschneider

Eating behaviors, physical health disparities in relation to socioecomic status

Sociology (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Caitlin Ahearn </a>

Caitlin Ahearn

Study of higher educational attainment patterns and labor market outcomes, both earnings and non-pecuniary outcomes that might impact quality of life

<a href="">Alina Arseniev-Koehler </a>

Alina Arseniev-Koehler

Social determinants to health and wellness outcomes

<a href="">Taylor Aquino</a>

Taylor Aquino

Race and Ethnicity, Mixed-Race Population, Social Stratification/Inequality

<a href="">Zhenxiang Chen </a>

Zhenxiang Chen

International migration, demography, social stratification and mobility, quantitative methods

<a href="">Ryan Cho</a>

Ryan Cho

Stratification, migration, higher education

<a href="">Angela Clague</a>

Angela Clague

How organizational networks in health systems impact patient outcomes, implementation of medical innovations, documentation of the best practices

<a href="">Rebecca DiBennardo</a>

Rebecca DiBennardo

Sexuality, health, same sex families

<a href="">Leydy Diossa-Jimenez</a>

Leydy Diossa-Jimenez

International migration, political sociology, citizenship and political rights in Latin America, comparative and historical sociology

<a href="">Nicholas Vincent DiRago</a>

Nicholas Vincent DiRago

Inequality across and within urban and suburban neighborhoods in the United States.

<a href="">Lei Feng</a>

Lei Feng

Family demography, social stratification

<a href="">Hilary Flowers</a>

Hilary Flowers

Families, reproduction

<a href="">Matthew Fox</a>

Matthew Fox

Economic sociology, neighborhood dynamics, individual welfare, inequality

<a href="">Pablo Geraldo Bastias</a>

Pablo Geraldo Bastias

Inequality in education and the labor market, causal inference

<a href="">Carla Salazar Gonzalez</a>

Carla Salazar Gonzalez

Demography, stratification, migration

<a href="">Nathan Hoffmann</a>

Nathan Hoffmann

The intersection of immigration and migration.

<a href="">Sara Johnsen</a>

Sara Johnsen

Family, social stratification and mobility, education

<a href="">Tianjian Lai</a>

Tianjian Lai

International migration, stratification, youth development using quantitative methodology

<a href="">Andrew Le</a>

Andrew Le

Migration, social stratification, social networks

<a href="">Paul Martinez</a>

Paul Martinez

Race and ethnic relations, social inequality, education, Mexican Americans/Latinos

<a href="">Oscar J. Mayorga</a>

Oscar J. Mayorga

Intersection stratification, immigration

<a href="">Lucrecia Mena Melendez</a>

Lucrecia Mena Melendez

International migration, health, international development, demography

<a href="">Josefina Flores Morales</a>

Josefina Flores Morales

Immigration, undocumented population, health and aging, education

<a href="">Sung Shim Park</a>

Sung Shim Park

Family, life course, immigration

<a href="">Ian Peacock</a>

Ian Peacock

International migration, labor markets, work, organizations, immigration law, entrepreneurship

<a href="">Casandra Salgado</a>

Casandra Salgado

Immigrant incorporation, social mobility

<a href="">Kevin Shih</a>

Kevin Shih

Institutional and structural factors that shape market transactions between consumers and producers

<a href="">Lina Stepick</a>

Lina Stepick

Residential displacement of low-income and demographic change

<a href="">Carmella Stoddard</a>

Carmella Stoddard

Social, structural, and psychological ramifications of intimate interracial relationships, multiracial identity, race relations and intergroup relations, social psychology, social demography

<a href=" ">John Sullivan</a>

John Sullivan

Demographic processes

<a href="">Jacob Thomas</a>

Jacob Thomas

International migration, social stratification, U.S. immigration law, non-immigrant Visa applicants, social networks

<a href="">Amber Villalobos</a>

Amber Villalobos

Social stratification, education, social demography

<a href="">Danielle Wondra</a>

Danielle Wondra

Family, gender, sexuality, looking at how characteristics such as sexual identity and race influence men’s fertility intentions and family formation desires

Social Welfare

<a href="">Skye Allmang</a>

Skye Allmang

Youth employment policies and programs, gender, comparative policy analysis, and evaluation

<a href="">Lei Chen</a>

Lei Chen

Understanding the determinants, implications, and consequences of family planning policies globally and its implications for aging societies

<a href="">Shannon Dunlap</a>

Shannon Dunlap

Factors contributing to adolescent development and mental health, specifically among transgender adolescents.

<a href="">Carol Leung</a>

Carol Leung

Suicide methods and mortality; gun violence; family violence; women’s issues; race relations and mental health disparities; policy interventions.

<a href="">Amelia C. Mueller Williams</a>

Amelia C. Mueller Williams

Health equity, social determinants of physical and mental health

<a href="">Jason Anthony Plummer</a>

Jason Anthony Plummer

Critical consciousness development, sociopolitical development among youth of various ethnic groups

<a href="">Melanie Sonsteng-Person</a>

Melanie Sonsteng-Person

Impact of living in high crime neighborhoods on school and community structures

<a href="">Michele Wong</a>

Michele Wong

Immigrant health, groups with multiple migrations, psychological distress

Urban Planning

<a href="">Andre Comandon</a>

Andre Comandon

Relationships between housing and socioeconomic exclusion, particularly as observed through patterns of residential segregation

<a href="">Charles J. Gabbe</a>

Charles J. Gabbe

Land use planning, affordable housing policy

<a href="mailto:">Silvia Gonzalez</a>

Silvia Gonzalez

Neighborhood dynamics, income inequality, environmental justice, civic participation in disadvantaged communities

<a href="">Wanyang Hu</a>

Wanyang Hu

Intersection between internal migration and economic development

<a href="">Yiwen Kuai</a>

Yiwen Kuai

Neighborhoods and poverty, affordable housing policy, urban economics, transportation and land use, international development

<a href="">Aujean Lee</a>

Aujean Lee

Racial segregation, neighborhood patterns, housing choice

<a href="">Jaehyeon Park </a>

Jaehyeon Park

Global urban poverty and inequality, international housing policy, urban development