<a href="">Kristine Joy Chua</a>

Kristine Joy Chua

Demography studies population dynamics, how exposure to environmental stressors influence maternal and fetal health, understanding demographic data to determine whether environmental changes can shift social behavior

<a href="">Delaney Knorr</a>

Delaney Knorr

Intergenerational Networks, and Health Disparities.

Community Health Sciences

<a href="">Adrian Bacong</a>

Adrian Bacong

Health disparities among different Asian and Pacific Islander ethnic groups.

<a href="">Apurva Barve</a>

Apurva Barve

How mental and physical health intersect to created complex health outcomes.

<a href="mailto:Marta">Marta Bornstein</a>

Marta Bornstein

Sexual and reproductive health.

<a href="">Sarah Cousins</a>

Sarah Cousins

Neighborhood dynamics and individual welfare, inequality and social/economic mobility.

<a href="">Danielle Dupuy</a>

Danielle Dupuy

Examining incarceration both as an institution as well as a critical social determinant of wellbeing in Black U.S. communities

<a href="">Angela Gutierrez</a>

Angela Gutierrez

Health promotion and disease prevention, improving access among marginalized communities.

<a href="">Iris Guzman-Ruiz</a>

Iris Guzman-Ruiz

Racialiciation of immigrants in the United States and its affect on health.

<a href="">Frederick Harig</a>

Frederick Harig

Health disparities, life course, neighborhood health effects, multigenerational households, intergenerational stress proliferation

<a href="">Anna Hing</a>

Anna Hing

Racism, immigration, stratification, and how the intersection of these creates health disparities

<a href="">Alanna Hirz</a>

Alanna Hirz

Gender and health disparities, fertility decision-making in the context of chronic illness

<a href="">Rebekah Israel Cross</a>

Rebekah Israel Cross

How racial residential segregation creates barriers and facilitators of health and wellness

<a href="">Linghui Jiang</a>

Linghui Jiang

The effects of various public health and nutrition programs and policies on different populations, especially on young children from low-income families

<a href="">Shelley Jung</a>

Shelley Jung

Non-biological, behavioral risk factors of obesity within the social and physical environments of neighborhoods, social determinants of obesity, relationship between neighborhood-level poverty and obesity among Asian immigrants

<a href="">Michelle Kao Nakphong</a>

Michelle Kao Nakphong

Impacts of economic development and public policy on health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries

<a href="">Angubeen Khan</a>

Angubeen Khan

Gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health disparities in Muslim, South Asian, and Arab women and adolescents. Access and utilization of reproductive health care in these communities.

<a href="">Amanda Landrian</a>

Amanda Landrian

Social determinants of sexual and reproductive health among marginalized and underrepresented populations, including women, adolescents, LGBTQ+, and migrant and refugee, both globally and in the United States.

<a href="">Anna-Michelle McSorley</a>

Anna-Michelle McSorley

Projects that focus on the quantitative study of immigrant populations and the effects of structural inequities on population health outcomes.

<a href="">Bryan Phillips</a>

Bryan Phillips

How health systems can address the growing burden of non-communicable diseases

<a href="">Millicent Robinson</a>

Millicent Robinson

The psychosocial and physiological mechanisms that distinguish Physical-Mental Health Risk (PMHR) among Black Americans.

<a href="">Sarah Roth</a>

Sarah Roth

Social determinants of health, the economic and social processes, results in health inequities within the population

<a href="">Saanchi Vijay Shah</a>

Saanchi Vijay Shah

Domestic and global maternal and child health (MCH)

<a href="">Heidi Tuason</a>

Heidi Tuason

Mental health stigma reduction and service access in Asian & Pacific Islander communities, particularly Filipino, Samoan, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian communities

<a href="">Alexandra Wollum</a>

Alexandra Wollum

Fertility, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Economics (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Maria Victoria Barone</a>

Maria Victoria Barone

Health, Education and Labor Economics

<a href="">Jacob Berman</a>

Jacob Berman

Health economics, Medicare and Medicaid

<a href="">Ryan Boone</a>

Ryan Boone

Education, applied microeconomics

<a href="">Elior Cohen</a>

Elior Cohen

Applied microeconomics, labor economics, immigration economics, health economics

<a href="">Nick Carollo</a>

Nick Carollo

Labor Economics, Immigration, Economic History

<a href="mailto:">Alec Davidson</a>

Alec Davidson

Private prisons in respect to how it affects social capital

<a href="mailto:">Sepehr Ekbatani</a>

Sepehr Ekbatani

Educational economics, Efficient mechanism that assigns students to high schools or universities in centralized systems like the one in New York

<a href="mailto:">Dong Ook Eun</a>

Dong Ook Eun

Human capital development, welfare analysis

<a href="">Alexandre Fon</a>

Alexandre Fon

Applied microeconomics, household economics, labor economics

<a href="">Benjamin Freyd</a>

Benjamin Freyd

Intersection of labor market regulation, efficiency, and social mobility

<a href="mailto:">Xuanyu Fu</a>

Xuanyu Fu

Causes and evolution of inequality

<a href="mailto:">Jonathan Gu</a>

Jonathan Gu

Language processing, programming

<a href="">Tomas Guanziroli</a>

Tomas Guanziroli

Early childhood education, human capital accumulation, occupational choice under uncertainty, poverty and cash transfer programs and crime prevention

<a href="mailto:">Jingyi Huang</a>

Jingyi Huang

Economic history

<a href="">Ariadna Jou </a>

Ariadna Jou

Health economics

<a href="mailto:">Wookun Kim </a>

Wookun Kim

Applied microeconomics, determinants and consequences of fertility changes

<a href="">Changsu Ko </a>

Changsu Ko

Labor economics, applied microeconomics, economics of education, empirical microeconomics

<a href="mailto:">Keyoung Lee</a>

Keyoung Lee

Urban, labor, and public economics

<a href="mailto:">Brett McCully</a>

Brett McCully

Applied microeconomics, labor economics

<a href="mailto:">Sebastian Ottinger</a>

Sebastian Ottinger

Immigration, Innovation, Urban Economics, Economic History

<a href="mailto:">Rustin Partow</a>

Rustin Partow

Modeling of household intertemporal choice, especially retirement, bequests, and migration, and tournament/dynamic contracting models of labor markets

<a href="mailto:">Vladimir Pecheu</a>

Vladimir Pecheu

Behavior of individuals with respect to their health and how this interacts with their work decisions over the life-cycle

<a href="mailto:">Fernanda Rojas</a>

Fernanda Rojas

Labor and Public Finance

<a href=""> Boxiao Zhang</a>

Boxiao Zhang

Long-term social mobility, modern education’s development and its impact on human capital accumulation and economic development

<a href=""> Fangzhu Zhou</a>

Fangzhu Zhou

Education, income inequality, gender gap

Education and Information Studies

<a href="mailto:"> Terry Allen</a>

Terry Allen

intersectionality, economic history, education inequality, youth incarceration

<a href="mailto:"> Carrie Miller</a>

Carrie Miller

Socioeconomic and racial and ethnic disparities in youths’ educational attainment

Epidemiology (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Melissa Soohoo</a>

Melissa Soohoo

Applying causal inference methods to large observational epidemiology studies, specifically within cardiovascular disease and obesity.

<a href="">Aolin Wang</a>

Aolin Wang

Applied statistical methods to aid causal inference in observational epidemiology studies

<a href="">Sam Wing</a>

Sam Wing

Intersection of urban design and public health

<a href="">Yu Yu</a>

Yu Yu

Environmental risk factors, development of diseases

Gender Studies

<a href="">Mary E. Robbins</a>

Mary E. Robbins

Gender, masculinities, work and employment, women’s economic empowerment, violence, inequality, labor, social policy

Geography (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Frank van der Wouden</a>

Frank van der Wouden

Economic geography

Global Economics and Management

<a href="mailto:">Youngjin Song</a>

Youngjin Song

Political economy, urban and population economics

Health Policy and Management

<a href="">Lucía Félix-Beltrán</a>

Lucía Félix-Beltrán

Child and maternal health, food security, social determinants, poverty, health disparities, health behavior, decision analysis

<a href="">Kaitlyn McBride</a>

Kaitlyn McBride

Global health care delivery and health systems, with a particular focus in HIV/AIDS treatment and and care models for vulnerable populations

<a href="">Diane Tan</a>

Diane Tan

Improving access to health care and services for vulnerable populations

<a href="">Heidi West</a>

Heidi West

Intersection of migrant population dynamics, global policy, and health, and work to link international frameworks to population level health outcomes

<a href="">Adriane Wynn</a>

Adriane Wynn

Social, behavioral, and biological determinants of adverse birth outcomes

Political Science

<a href="">Adam Boche</a>

Adam Boche

Electoral behavior in democracies, shifts in the distribution of age, race, and gender, shifts in the ideological views predominating in the electorate

<a href="">Aaron Rudkin</a>

Aaron Rudkin

The political behaviour of individuals and groups in developed democracies.

<a href="">Luke Sonnet</a>

Luke Sonnet

How individual preferences and social networks drive political accountability and economic development in developing countries

<a href="">Monica Widmann</a>

Monica Widmann

International and comparative political economy, international migration, immigrant integration, economic development, inequality, intergenerational debt, and political representation, which falls into demography broadly defined.

Psychology (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Jordan Coello</a>

Jordan Coello

Mood and anxiety disorders, suicidality, non-suicidal self-injury in ethnic minority and marginalized populations

<a href="">Lauren Hofschneider</a>

Lauren Hofschneider

Eating behaviors, physical health disparities in relation to socioecomic status

Sociology (Letters and Sciences)

<a href="">Caitlin Ahearn </a>

Caitlin Ahearn

Study of higher educational attainment patterns and labor market outcomes, both earnings and non-pecuniary outcomes that might impact quality of life

<a href="">Taylor Aquino</a>

Taylor Aquino

Race and Ethnicity, Mixed-Race Population, Social Stratification/Inequality

<a href="">Alina Arseniev-Koehler </a>

Alina Arseniev-Koehler

Social determinants to health and wellness outcomes

<a href="">Pablo Geraldo Bastias</a>

Pablo Geraldo Bastias

Inequality in education and the labor market, causal inference

<a href="">Zhenxiang Chen </a>

Zhenxiang Chen

International migration, demography, social stratification and mobility, quantitative methods

<a href="">Ryan Cho</a>

Ryan Cho

Stratification, migration, higher education

<a href="">Angela Clague</a>

Angela Clague

How organizational networks in health systems impact patient outcomes, implementation of medical innovations, documentation of the best practices

<a href="">Rebecca DiBennardo</a>

Rebecca DiBennardo

Sexuality, health, same sex families

<a href="">Leydy Diossa-Jimenez</a>

Leydy Diossa-Jimenez

International migration, political sociology, citizenship and political rights in Latin America, comparative and historical sociology

<a href="">Nicholas Vincent DiRago</a>

Nicholas Vincent DiRago

Inequality across and within urban and suburban neighborhoods in the United States.

<a href="">Josefina Flores Morales</a>

Josefina Flores Morales

Immigration, undocumented population, health and aging, education

<a href="">Hilary Flowers</a>

Hilary Flowers

Families, reproduction

<a href="">Matthew Fox</a>

Matthew Fox

Economic sociology, neighborhood dynamics, individual welfare, inequality

<a href="">Nathan Hoffmann</a>

Nathan Hoffmann

The intersection of immigration and migration.

<a href=""> Bowei Hu</a>

Bowei Hu

Social stratification, higher education, and economic sociology

<a href="">Sara Johnsen</a>

Sara Johnsen

Family, social stratification and mobility, education

<a href="">Tianjian Lai</a>

Tianjian Lai

International migration, stratification, youth development using quantitative methodology

<a href="">Andrew Le</a>

Andrew Le

Migration, social stratification, social networks

<a href="">Summer Lopez Colorado</a>

Summer Lopez Colorado

Mixed methods quantitative and ethnographic research

<a href="">Paul Martinez</a>

Paul Martinez

Race and ethnic relations, social inequality, education, Mexican Americans/Latinos

<a href="">Oscar J. Mayorga</a>

Oscar J. Mayorga

Intersection stratification, immigration

<a href="">Lucrecia Mena Melendez</a>

Lucrecia Mena Melendez

International migration, health, international development, demography

<a href="">Ian Peacock</a>

Ian Peacock

International migration, labor markets, work, organizations, immigration law, entrepreneurship

<a href="">Shiva Rouhani</a>

Shiva Rouhani

Understanding how contextual characteristics (family, housing, neighborhood, school and environment) interact and act as risk factors or protectors across the life-course

<a href="">Carla Salazar Gonzalez</a>

Carla Salazar Gonzalez

Demography, stratification, migration

<a href="">Kevin Shih</a>

Kevin Shih

Institutional and structural factors that shape market transactions between consumers and producers

<a href="">Lina Stepick</a>

Lina Stepick

Residential displacement of low-income and demographic change

<a href="">Carmella Stoddard</a>

Carmella Stoddard

Social, structural, and psychological ramifications of intimate interracial relationships, multiracial identity, race relations and intergroup relations, social psychology, social demography

<a href=" ">John Sullivan</a>

John Sullivan

Demographic processes

<a href="">Jacob Thomas</a>

Jacob Thomas

International migration, social stratification, U.S. immigration law, non-immigrant Visa applicants, social networks

<a href="">Amber Villalobos</a>

Amber Villalobos

Social stratification, education, social demography

Social Welfare

<a href="">Skye Allmang</a>

Skye Allmang

Youth employment policies and programs, gender, comparative policy analysis, and evaluation

<a href="">Daniel Michael Applegarth</a>

Daniel Michael Applegarth

Adult incarcerated populations and barriers to upward mobility post-incarceration with focus on examining programs and institutional processes that prepare individuals for reintegration.

<a href="">Lei Chen</a>

Lei Chen

Understanding the determinants, implications, and consequences of family planning policies globally and its implications for aging societies

<a href="">Shannon Dunlap</a>

Shannon Dunlap

Factors contributing to adolescent development and mental health, specifically among transgender adolescents.

<a href="">Jin Yao Kwan</a>

Jin Yao Kwan

Adolescents, children, and low-income families, and in particular on the parenting and caregiving structures related to the positive development of adolescents.

<a href="">Amelia C. Mueller Williams</a>

Amelia C. Mueller Williams

Health equity, social determinants of physical and mental health

<a href="">Jason Anthony Plummer</a>

Jason Anthony Plummer

Critical consciousness development, sociopolitical development among youth of various ethnic groups

<a href="">Melanie Sonsteng-Person</a>

Melanie Sonsteng-Person

Impact of living in high crime neighborhoods on school and community structures

<a href="">Michele Wong</a>

Michele Wong

Immigrant health, groups with multiple migrations, psychological distress

Urban Planning

<a href="">Andre Comandon</a>

Andre Comandon

Relationships between housing and socioeconomic exclusion, particularly as observed through patterns of residential segregation

<a href="">Charles J. Gabbe</a>

Charles J. Gabbe

Land use planning, affordable housing policy

<a href="mailto:">Silvia Gonzalez</a>

Silvia Gonzalez

Neighborhood dynamics, income inequality, environmental justice, civic participation in disadvantaged communities

<a href="">Wanyang Hu</a>

Wanyang Hu

Intersection between internal migration and economic development

<a href="">Yiwen Kuai</a>

Yiwen Kuai

Neighborhoods and poverty, affordable housing policy, urban economics, transportation and land use, international development

<a href="">Aujean Lee</a>

Aujean Lee

Racial segregation, neighborhood patterns, housing choice

<a href="">Jaehyeon Park </a>

Jaehyeon Park

Global urban poverty and inequality, international housing policy, urban development