Prof. Edward Walker is quoted in Mashable

Prof. Edward Walker stated “when businesses face major threats that could potentially harm their whole industry, these kinds of ‘grassroots’ campaigns start to happen in a pretty serious way.” Article: […]

Prof. Michael Stoll featured in Bloomberg Business

Prof. Michael Stoll explained why the 20 metropolitan areas are losing the greatest share of local people to other parts of the U.S. between July 2013 and July 2014. Article:

Congratulations to Prof. C. Cindy Fan!

Prof. C. Cindy Fan has been appointed UCLA’s vice provost for international studies and global engagement. Article:

Congratulations to Prof. Heuveline!

Prof. Patrick Heuveline’s paper entitled  “The boundaries of genocide: Quantifying the uncertainty of the death toll during the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia (1975–79)” has been published in Population Studies: […]