Call for submissions RSSM special issue on experimental methods in social stratification research

The journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility invites contributions to a special issue involving applications of experimental methods to social stratification research. Field experiments, vignette studies, curriculum studies using the correspondence test method and laboratory experiments are increasingly used by sociologists and economists to understand the mechanisms driving inequalities in education and labor market participation, family dynamics, migration, and housing.


We invite both empirical contributions and methodological reflections. Empirical contributions should also address and explicitly discuss study-specific issues of internal and external validity and ethical concerns. Methodological reflections may discuss, in more general terms, these issues or other issues that are relevant to the practice of these methods in empirical research.

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses based on applications of these methods to social inequality domains are particularly welcome. Policy evaluation analyses are welcome to the extent that they inform also theoretical debates in social stratification research.


The deadline to submit a paper is February, 28 2019. To submit a paper, refer to the website of the journal and indicate that you contribution targets the special issue:


A related seminar will be held in June 2019; revision work should be planned between June and mid-

October 2019; the deadline for the final acceptance is November 31, 2019. The special issue is planned to be published in December 2019.

For more information, contact Carlo Barone, or