Search for New Editor(s) of Demography

Search for New Editor(s) of Demography

Reminder: Materials are due July 31st!


The PAA Committee on Publications invites applications for the position of Editor of Demography. The new Editor, or team of co Editors, will begin work in May 2019, and will edit the 2020-2022 volumes of the journal.


Applicants are asked to submit a CV and a proposal for editing Demography by July 31, 2018. Proposals should specify plans for constituting a team of deputy editors, possible or confirmed support (course reduction, staff, space, equipment, etc.) from the applicant’s home institution and a brief statement (1-2 pages) of an applicant’s editorial goals and philosophy.


Potential applicants are encouraged to consult with the Committee on Publications and with current or recent editors of the journal about any or all aspects of editorial responsibilities. The new Editor(s) will be appointed by the PAA Board of Directors at its Fall 2018 meeting.


Committee on Publications:

John Wilmoth, Chair

Kelly Raley

Pamela Smock


Current Co-Editors of Demography:

Stephen Matthews

John Iceland

Jennifer Van Hook


Please make sure that a copy of your inquiry or application is sent electronically to, with a copy to