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Household surveys in Mexico include only limited information on race and ethnicity. The identification of racial and ethnic characteristics beyond membership to indigenous populations has been historically a difficult topic, in part because it defies the “mestizo” ideology, that is, the image of Mexico as a racially integrated society through the mix of ancient indigenous and European populations. In 2016, the National Institute of Statistics of Mexico (INEGI) executed a national survey on social mobility (MMSI). In this presentation, I will talk about the process that led to the inclusion of racial/ethnic characteristics in this survey, the media and academic debate that emerged after its publication, and the main results of the survey, which suggest that the effects of ethnic and racial characteristics on social inequality in Mexico extend well beyond the dichotomous indigenous/non-indigenous divide.

Patricio Solís is Professor-Researcher at the Center for Sociological Studies of El Colegio de México (2004-present) and Editor in Chief of the journal Estudios Sociológicos (2016-present). He obtained a PhD in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin (2002), and a MD in Population Studies from FLACSO-México (1995). His research interests are social stratification, intergenerational social mobility, and educational inequality. He was the principal academic advisor of the Intergenerational Social Mobility Module (MMSI) 2016, a national survey carried out by the National Institute of Statistic and Geography of Mexico (INEGI). Two of his most recent publications are the books “Discriminación estructural y desigualdad social” (2017, Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminación-CEPAL) and “Desigualdad, movilidad social y curso de vida en la Ciudad de México” (2017, El Colegio de México).

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