Urban Planning Demography Courses

M206A. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. (4)

(Same as Public Policy M224A.) Lecture, three hours; laboratory, one hour. Preparation: one graduate-level statistics course, familiarity with one packaged statistics program. Principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and applied techniques of using spatial data for mapping and analysis. Topics include data quality, data manipulation, spatial analysis, and information systems. Use of mapping and spatial analysis to address planning problem. Letter grading.

M206B. Advanced Geographic Information Systems. (4)

(Same as Public Policy M224B.) Lecture, four hours; laboratory, four hours. Requisite: course M206A or Public Policy M224A. Principles and skills of geographic analysis and modeling; managing, processing, and interpreting spatial data. Especially useful for students interested in environmental, demographic, suitability, and transportation-related research. Scripts (Avenue), modeling (Spatial Analyst), network analysis, and transportation modeling (TransCAD). Letter grading.